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Experience the Magic: Study in New Zealand and Turn Dreams into Reality

Start a rewarding academic career in New Zealand, where institutions value quality above everything else to give overseas students an exceptional education. New Zealand’s education system, which is ranked third in the world, provides a high level of life, numerous research possibilities, and renowned degrees. Take in the lively, multicultural environment that encourages peer collaboration, creativity, variety, and innovation. Discover the magnificent natural settings and varied ecosystems while taking advantage of the year-round good weather. New Zealand offers an extensive number of resources for research, including world-class facilities, cutting-edge labs, and well-known lecturers. A minimum GPA, transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and evidence of English language competency are among the prerequisites for admission. Students who graduate are granted a three-year post-study work visa, which permits them to freely pursue jobs in a variety of industries. Take advantage of the chance to achieve your educational and career goals in a nation renowned for its progressive employment laws and high standard of living.

Student Visa Requirement by New Zealand Immigration

To apply for an international student visa for New Zealand, you need to provide the following mandatory information:

Offer of Place

  • An offer from a New Zealand education provider.

Passport Copy

  • A copy of the identity pages of your current passport (the one you plan to use for travel).
  • Ensure the entire bio-data page and machine-readable zone (MRZ) at the bottom are included.

Tuition Fees Evidence

  • Proof you have paid tuition fees in full for one year or one program (whichever is shorter), or
  • Evidence you have money available to pay tuition fees if using the Approval in Principle route, or
  • Confirmation you are exempt from paying fees, or
  • Proof you are an eligible aviation student who meets the fees by installment requirements.
  • Evidence of payment should be a receipt or confirmation from your education provider.

Financial Support

  • Proof of enough money to cover your living costs in New Zealand.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to leave New Zealand, such as a fully paid ticket or enough money to buy one.

Health and Character Evidence

  • Depending on your stay duration and travel history, you may need:
  • A chest x-ray and/or medical examination.
  • A police certificate (with a certified translation if not in English).

Supporting Information and Evidence

  • To help process your application faster, provide:
  • A cover letter explaining why you want to study in New Zealand.
  • An outline of your study plans and reasons for choosing the education provider and course.
  • Information on what you plan to do after finishing your studies, including future visa plans.
  • Details of past or current education and training.
  • Explanation of any gaps in your education or work history.
  • Summary of how you will finance your study, including evidence of funds and future funding plans.
  • If supported by a guarantor or sponsor, proof of your relationship and their financial documents.

Additional Documents

  • Copies of all visa labels, entry/exit stamps, or travel history in your current and previous passports.
  • Any letters for declined visa applications from other countries, with reasons for denial.

Financial Evidence for Pakistani Students

  • Include at least three to six months of financial history.
  • Evidence should be in your name or your financial guarantor/sponsor’s name.
  • Only provide documents that can be verified as genuine.
  • Education loans are acceptable if they are from nationalized or multinational banks and secured against fixed assets.
  • Provide details of how you will repay the loan and the loan sanction letter.
  • Public and employee provident funds are acceptable if supported by employment documents.

For further guidance on financial documents, parents should accompany the student to ensure proper and legal submission.

What can You Study!

Students in New Zealand have access to a wide range of educational opportunities, such as degree programs, community colleges, and English language studies. English language studies are necessary for proficient communication, but community colleges prioritize career education. Universities in New Zealand provide a broad selection of undergraduate-focused courses, along with graduate degree options for specialized study and professional progression. The best academic standing is available to students enrolled in doctoral programs, which also allow them to do important research. Whether you’re interested in graduate or undergraduate study, career training, language skills, or something else entirely, New Zealand provides a vibrant learning environment

When Can You Start

New Zealand universities and institutions offer two major intakes. Intakes may also be referred to
as semesters in some institutions. The two intakes available in New Zealand are:

  • Semester 1: February to June
  • Semester 2: July to November

Admissions for vocational courses may also be available in the months of March, April and May.

Cost of Living

Besides your education and insurance expenditures, you should budget between $20,000 and $25,000 a year ($380–480 per week) for housing/rent, food, transportation, phone bills, internet usage, and entertainment. Your average living expenses will not change based on whether you pay for courses or tuition.

Keep in mind that these are simply estimations; Immigration New Zealand’s actual criteria are $15,000 year plus two additional thousand dollars for return airfare.

Skilled Programs

There are many skilled programs offered by different schools in New Zealand. We recommend that all students choose an industry and profession from the Green List, which leads to a direct residency visa. The following occupations are highly in demand on New Zealand’s long-term skill shortage list (LTSSL)

Analyst Programmer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261311)

Automotive Electrician

  • Trades (ANZSCO 321111)

Chef (Chef de Partie or higher)

  • Recreation, Hospitality, and Tourism (ANZSCO 351311)

Chemical Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233111)

Civil Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233211)

Civil Engineering Technician

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 312212)

Clinical Psychologist

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 272311)

Computer Network and Systems Engineer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 263111)

Construction Project Manager

  • Construction (ANZSCO 133111)

Database Administrator

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 262111)

Developer Programmer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261312)

Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 253917)

Diesel Motor Mechanic (including Heavy Vehicle Inspector)

  • Trades (ANZSCO 321212)

Electric Line Mechanic

  • Trades (ANZSCO 342211)

Electrical Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233311)

Electrical Engineering Technician

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 312312)

Electrician (General)

  • Trades (ANZSCO 341111)

Electronic Engineering Technician

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 312412)

Electronics Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233411)

Engineering Professionals (nec)

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233999)

Environmental Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233915)

Environmental Research Scientist

  • Science (ANZSCO 234313)

Food Technologist

  • Science (ANZSCO 234212)

General Practitioner

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 253111)

Geotechnical Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233212)

ICT Business Analyst

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261111)

ICT Customer Support Officer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 313112)

ICT Project Manager

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 135112)

ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 263211)

ICT Security Specialist

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 262112)

ICT Support and Test Engineers (nec)

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 263229)

ICT Support Engineer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 263212)

ICT Systems Test Engineer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 263213)

Industrial Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233511)

Materials Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233112)

Mechanical Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233512)

Medical Laboratory Scientist (including Cytotechnologist)

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 234611)

Medical Radiation Therapist

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 251212)

Multimedia Specialist

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261211)

Multimedia Specialist (Film Animator)

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261211)

Network Administrator

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 263112)

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 253913)

Organisation and Methods Analyst

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 224712)

Other Spatial Scientist

  • Science (ANZSCO 232214)

Physicist (Medical)

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 234914)


  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 252511)

Procurement Manager

  • Finance/Business (ANZSCO 133612)

Production or Plant Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233513)

Project Builder (including Building Project Manager and Site Foreman)

  • Construction (ANZSCO 133112)


  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 253411)

Quantity Surveyor

  • Construction (ANZSCO 233213)

Registered Nurse (Aged Care)

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 254412)

Software and Applications Programmers (nec)

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261399)

Software Engineer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261313)

Software Tester

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261314)


  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 251214)

Specialist Physician in Palliative Medicine

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 253399)

Structural Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 233214)

Surgeon (General)

  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 253511)


  • Construction (ANZSCO 232212)

Systems Administrator

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 262113)

Systems Analyst

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261112)

Telecommunications Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 263311)

Telecommunications Network Engineer

  • Engineering (ANZSCO 263312)


  • Health and Social Services (ANZSCO 234711)

 Web Developer

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ANZSCO 261212)

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