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If you’re interested in doing research in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK, there are some important things to know. Unlike regular coursework programs, applying for a PhD or a master’s by research is a bit different. You’ll need to find a research project at a university that you can join as a PhD student.

Here’s how it works: First, you need to look for existing research projects at universities in these countries. Then, you’ll need to reach out to potential academic supervisors to discuss your ideas and get their approval before you can officially apply. This involves finding universities and academics who are working in the area you want to research and talking to them directly




When you talk to academic staff, it’s crucial to explain your research ideas clearly and thoughtfully. They get a lot of requests from potential research students, so they’re more likely to respond positively if you show you’re capable and committed.

Your research proposal doesn’t have to be perfect at this stage, but it should give the academic enough information to decide if they have the resources and expertise to support your research.

If you need help finding relevant departments or contacting academic staff, the iae GLOBAL Pakistan team can assist you. Just bring your original educational documents, passport, CV, and English language test scorecard to our Islamabad or Lahore office for assessment and advice.

Remember, you know more about your research field than anyone else, so it’s important to do your own research to find the best fit for you. Ask your current tutors or other academic contacts for advice, and see which universities and academics are active in your area of interest.

Many universities in Australia and New Zealand offer scholarships mainly to international students who are doing research. So, if you’re planning to study for a PhD or MRes, there are usually funding options you can consider.

Some universities automatically consider students for research scholarships when they apply for their course. This means you don’t have to do anything extra to be considered. But at other universities, you might need to apply separately for a scholarship after you’ve been offered a place to study. Make sure to check the requirements for each scholarship well in advance. If you have any questions, or need help, contact iae GLOBAL.

Scholarships often have strict deadlines, so it’s important to know them and plan accordingly before you start your application. There are also external scholarships available for research students in Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, UK and USA. You can find more information about financing your studies and where to find scholarships on the Costs and Practicalities page.

Did you know that if you’re an international PhD student in New Zealand, you only have to pay the same tuition fees as local students, not the higher international fees? This is because the New Zealand government wants to attract talented researchers to the
country and makes studying there more affordable for international students.

How to find A Supervisor for your PhD Research Degrees by iae GLOBAL Pakistan

Contacting a potential supervisor can take a lot of time and sometimes feels frustrating, but it’s important and worth the effort. Especially for PhD applications, supervisors can help your application get noticed by the academic committee. In our past experiences at iae GLOBAL, we believe that they can also give you valuable advice about scholarships and funding opportunities that others might not know about. Once you establish contact with the supervisor, it will be easier for you to convince him/her to allocate available research funds for your research.

Many Australian and New Zealand universities have a tool on their website where you can find supervisors who match your research interests. Once you’ve connected with a potential supervisor, only then iae GLOBAL Pakistan team can assist you with your application forms, preparing documents including visa guidance for FREE when you are ready.