Assessment Form

Fill out our pre-assessment application form to start your foreign academic career. Filling out this form is the first step towards achieving your goal of attending school in the location of your choice. Enter your name, nationality, date of birth, and contact information in the application, among other personal facts. Provide details about your current academic history, including your GPA, academic year, subject of study, and present institution. At our school, it is our top priority to make sure that applicants fulfill all requirements for admission, including the necessary CGPA and scores from English language proficiency exams like the PTE, without any gaps in their study. Furthermore, parents are highly encouraged to join students throughout the consultation process, as their understanding of the family’s financial circumstances is essential to determining how they can afford this investment in their educational institutions. Our committed team will walk you through every step of the process, offering individualized direction and assistance to make sure your goals and academic pursuits mesh perfectly. Start your journey towards a life-changing international education by completing the pre-assessment application now.